Asbestos is a mess, stay clear and get My Home Test

What Exactly is My home test & why you need it?


My Home Test is a safe and easy at home solution providing accurate readings on testing possible suspect asbestos-containing materials that are commonly found in homes.  From testing asbestos to inspecting mold damage, we have your environmental concerns covered.

Since there are no regulations for residential homes in Texas, many of our families, friends, & loved ones are unknowingly being exposed to asbestos, especially when home renovations or do-it-yourself projects occur. With My Home Test, you can protect yourself and loved ones from the hazardous conditions of inhaling asbestos fibers.

Our testing kits come with simple step-by-step instructions to ensure accurate and fast results. Each test kit package will be delivered directly to your door with all the items you will need to perform an accurate asbestos test. Simply scrape, pack, fill out our simplified Sample Identification form, and send.. IT’S THAT EASY. Your results will be returned to you with a breakdown of each material sampled along with each material’s testing results. whether your handling a simple DIY home repair or remodling the entire living room, My Home Test is your solution to properly detect, monitor, and keep your home safe from hazardous asbestos fibers.


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