State health departments around the United States are increasingly looking for new solutions and adding new laws and regulations to help stop the possible contamination of inhaling these hazardous fibers, however these laws are strictly subjected to commercial and converted-commercial properties.

A few states, such as California & Colorado, have current regulations in place for both residential and commercial properties. This means that all other states DO NOT have any regulations in place for residential renovations and/or demolition activities, raising the major concern of inhaling these extremely dangerous asbestos fibers directly from your own home when these renovations/demolitions take place.

Many homes today, especially homes built prior to 1978 and the years following, are occupied everyday with family, friends, loved ones, and pets. When these home owners/renters decide to expand or remove a wall, remove popcorn ceiling texture, remodel a specific room such as a kitchen or bathroom, or even fix simple wall repair; everyone that steps foot in that home is subject to inhaling these fibers without even knowing it, including the contractor and/or workers involved in the remodel.

Since asbestos can not be identified by the naked eye and can become instantly airborne once the material is disturbed or removed during construction, trying to remove ACM from your home without first identifying and properly undergoing an asbestos abatement removal would be impossible.

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